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Our Perspective

Here at Pivan Investment Engineering Company, our core strength is identifying successful companies poised for rapid growth. All of the portfolios under our management are grounded in the same core investment discipline. We focus on recognizing successful companies at an early stage of growth regardless of whether we are investing in small, mid sized or large companies. Some portfolios are more geared for income, but all reflect the same core investment discipline.

We search for these companies systematically and invest only in those that meet our rigorous criteria. We look for positive developments when they first show up in a company’s earnings and before they are fully reflected in its stock price. In this way, we can invest early enough in growth stocks to show positive returns regardless of whether the general market is up or down.

We have developed a “top down” investment style which combines technical analysis with traditional fundamental and market sentiment-based research techniques. This combination of research techniques provides the basis for our investment decisions.

Each portfolio follows a distinct and consistent investment strategy. This distinctive growth oriented investment style can add an important element of diversification to the management of your estate.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or comments. My toll free telephone number is 1-800-262-3983.